About The Initiative

Data breaches are on the rise around the world, even more dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic. A data breach exposes confidential, sensitive and protected information to unauthorised actors. As a result of these breaches, data of Indian users is available to any third party over the internet for nefarious use.

The key problem here, and indeed, something that is part of the raison d'etre of this initiative is the lack of transparency, which results in a near complete lack of information. In most cases, companies fail to even acknowledge these breaches.

Internet Freedom Foundation's (IFF) small-scale initiative, PlugTheBreach, aims to cover, report and track data breaches by providing a comprehensive database of breaches in India to increase transparency and public awareness.

All suggestions to improve our processes are welcomed, and, indeed, solicited. For all such feedback, please write to [email protected]

  • Abhishek Rein, Designer and Developer
  • Yash Walia, Developer
  • Gyan Lakhwani
  • Surbhi Sharma, Backend Developer
  • Anoop Bidikar, Solutions Architect
  • Rohin Garg, formerly at IFF
  • Prateek Waghre, Policy Director at IFF
  • Tejasi Panjiar, Associate Policy Counsel at IFF